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I truly believe that the best way to learn a language is to work on it in a relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment. Thanks to challenging and fun classes, you will be able to improve you conversational French by working on the vocabulary & the prononciation and go through the complexity of French grammar.


You improve faster than in group class thanks to a method designed for your level and your goals.

The teacher will respect your own pace.

You will work on different aspects of the language in harmony with your goals :

  • Oral comprehension

  • Written comprehension

  • Oral expression

  • Written expression


After evaluating your level (Skype meeting or RDV in a cafe), I will design a curriculum based on the CECRL levels and your goals.

We will make the learning process a real language experience in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

From 1 hour to 2 hours classes ; Monday to Friday from 2pm to 8pm / Saturday from 8am to 12pm




one-to-one classes

1 hour 50€ / 4 hours package 190€ (hourly rate 47€50) / 10 hours package 450€ (hourly rate 45€)

duo classes

1 hour 35€ per person / 4 hours package 120€ per person (hourly rate 30€) / 10 hours package 275€ per person (hourly rate 27€50)

DELF DALF exam prep

1 hour 35€ / 4 hours package 130€ (hourly rate 32,50€) / 10 hours package 300€ (hourly rate 30€)

children tutoring (under 10 years old)

1 hour 35€ / 4 hours package 130€ (hourly rate 32,50€) / 10 hours package 300€ (hourly rate 30€)



There’s no doubt that life in France involves a lot of paperwork and you can easily get lost. That’s why I can help you with the administration and the language if you need any help!

1 hour 25€ / 2 hours 45€ (hourly rate 22,50€)

resume + cover letter

You’re looking for a job around here? French recruiters might not expect the same things from a resume or/and a cover letter than what you’re used to ; welcome to France! I can assist you build strong tools in English or in French that will help you speed up the process.

1 hour 25€ / 2 hours 45€ (hourly rate 22,50€)

what ?

Improve your French in a friendly and interactive atmosphere thanks to our weekly 1 hour workshops.

where ?


when ?

Conversation workshops are off until November 2019, we’ll be back soon.

price ?

15€ for 1 conversation workshop.

Carte de Fidélité : buy 10 and get one for free.

(RSVP mandatory - we need a minimum of  2 people, otherwise the conversation might be cancelled)




* Prices are valid from April 1st, 2019.